Pet Boarding

You will find accommodations to be first class in our facility.

Our Luxury Suites are the best in the triangle! Located in a quieter area of the facility, our suites include a room with a view and a comfy bed to help your pet feel pampered and at home. Our suites vary in sizes and are a great option for the well-mannered and sophisticated pet.

Dog Boarding

Is a suite not for you? We have different sizes of enclosures for your pet. We can accommodate any size dog from a toy to a king and we will place your pet in the size run that best fits their weight, so our staff can ensure the most comfortable stay for your pet. Our runs are completely indoor so we can keep a watchful eye on your pet. The entire kennel is large and open, complete with high ceiling fans for air movement. The inside temperature is held at a comfortable 70-72 degrees year round.

Dogs that live together can stay in the same run or suite and have playtime together! We have secure, fenced-in play yards where dogs can run around and have a howling good time! You can rest comfortably knowing that your best friend is never left outside unsupervised, and one of our caring staff members will always be with your pet during outdoor potty breaks and during playtimes.

Cat Boarding

Cats board in a separate area of the facility, where they cannot hear or smell the dogs.

At Creature Comforts Inn, we provide a clean, quiet environment for our feline guests. We pride ourselves on the personal attention we give to each cat in our care. Feline guests are monitored throughout the day and are always provided with clean litter fresh food and water. Our objective is to keep cats stress-free, healthy, and safe.

The condos give your finicky cat plenty of room to move about.

Our cat condos have two levels: movement and a place to sleep away from food and litter. Units can be arranged to group family cats together or isolate shy cats.

Exotic Boarding

We now offer exotic boarding for Hamsters, Ferrets, Guinea Pigs, Hedgehogs, Chinchillas, and all other rodents!

Creature Comforts is proud to be one of the few boarding facilities to offer exotic boarding in Durham, North Carolina. Each animal will receive the highest quality of care that will include, but not be limited to:

 daily weight checks

medication administered (as needed)

fresh food and water daily

check-ins by the pet care team morning/evening

species-specific enrichment (as requested)

daily interaction with a pet care assistant

Exotic Pricing

$24 per pet/per day 

The owner is responsible for all of the supplies needed. Price will vary based on specific animal needs.


Attention Pet Parents: Please note that due to new boarding regulations in North Carolina, we are no longer able to accept owner bedding for your furry friends. These regulations require all beds and blankets to be in sealed containers, which means owners would have to individually bag linens. Additionally, considering how difficult it can be to keep owner bedding clean during boarding, and our washing machines being unable to withstand heavy loads, we’ve opted for a more hygienic solution.

Our facility provides comfortable cots for pets to rest on, which are easily cleaned, breathable, and versatile. In addition, our in-house fleece blankets offer warmth when needed, yet are lightweight and airy, ensuring your pets’ comfort without compromising cleanliness. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in helping us maintain a clean and safe environment for all our furry guests!


We charge $5/day per dog for food. If food is brought in, we do require that all food be brought, individually bagged by  meal, in a sealed container or Ziploc bag labeled with your pet’s name. All medication must be brought in the prescription bottle labeled with the appropriate dosage, we charge $5/day per pet. We are unable to administer medications that are not in the appropriate containers, injectable medications, or controlled drugs.

Fresh and Clean bedding will provided to your pet. We do not allow owner beds & blankets. 

We ask your pets be dropped off by 6 PM on weekdays to help him or her get settled.

We do charge a cancellation/deposit policy, per a reservation, $30. 

See additional policies here.

Check-Out Time

Monday – Saturday: During resort hours.
We do required a scheduled boarding drop off/pick up times. 

Canine Pricing

  • Charge Luxury Suite: $63/dog
  • Standard: $46/dog
  • Added Daycare with Boarding: $24/dog
  • PB Kong: $5.50
  • Pup Cup: $2.00

All dog boarding includes: fresh bedding , three walks and daily maid service. We also offer complimentary go-home baths for canine guests staying with us more than five nights (restrictions apply). No second pet discounts. We do not allow you to bring in your own bedding. 

Feline Pricing

  • Cat Condo: $31.00/cat
  • Feline Nail Trim: $22.00

The daily boarding fee includes: fresh bedding (if requested), daily maid service and personal playtime. No second pet discounts. We do not allow you to bring your own bedding. 

Avian & Exotic Pricing

  • For All Avian/Exotic Animals: $24/pet

Owner is responsible for all supplies. Price may vary according to pet(s) special needs.


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